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Selected Stories
New Vaccines is Effective against Ebola in Large Trial in Guinea

Massive partnership works in record time to test vaccine and show efficacy and safety

Results on a new vaccine to protect against Ebola indicate a high level of efficacy in a trial of more than 4,000 persons in close contact with the deadly virus in Guinea, one of the three West African countries stricken by Ebola.

Partners: Governments of Norway, Canada, and Guinea, Merck, Doctors Without Borders, Public Health Agency of Canada, Welcome Trust, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Ministry of Health of Guinea, World Health Organization and The Lancet

Media Reach: global audience of 3 billion


New Partnership Expands Access to Contraception for 27 Million Women and Girls in Low-Income Countries

A new partnership will make a safe, effective, long-acting, reversible method of contraception available to more than 27 million women in the world’s poorest nations

Partners: Governments of Norway, United States, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, Clinton Foundation, Bayer Healthcare and Child’s Investment Fund

Media Reach: global audience of 700 million