World’s Most Powerful Magnet arrives at ITER
The first module of the world’s largest and powerful magnet, the Central Solenoid, arrives to Southern France from San Diego, California
ITER Paves the Way for New Fusion Energy Era
$20.6 billion to help women, newborns, young children and adolescents
Funding secured to recover health and social services lost to COVID-19
President Clinton and PM Stoltenberg press conference
President Bill Clinton, Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan
announcing a New Partnership Expands Access to Contraception for 27 Million Women and Girls
Ryutaro Hashimoto, former Prime Minister of Japan, and Marshall Hoffman during our work at the 3rd World Water Forum in Japan
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What We Do

For 35 years, Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide (H&H), a global media and public relations firm, works only on vital and world-changing issues. 

Our media campaigns on these issues reach massive audiences globally and are highly influential. Each campaign reaches a global audience of between 200 million to 4 billion. That is by design. It is this hugely successful media outreach which puts these issues on the World Agenda.

A measure of impact: the campaigns which we have handled have raised more than $160 billion for these issues.

H&H partners with clients who work on the same pathway.

Global Health

From the health of women and children and preventing malaria to the successful development of the Ebola vaccine and initial news about the HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 pandemics, we work on controlling and eradicating global diseases and improving global health.

Climate Change and Environment

The protection of our Planet is crucial. We work on climate change, carbon-free energy, clean water and biodiversity.

Global Issues

From child labor to the development of super rice to feed the world, we deal with significant global issues.