March of Dimes
Selected media campaigns and press releases

World Prematurity 2015 PSA featuring Celine Dion

Preterm Birth PSA 2015 featuring Anne Geddes

World Prematurity Day 2015 PSA featuring Chef Maneet Chauhan

Prematurity 2015 PSA featuring Thalia

Spanish Version

Birth Defects: 8 Million Annually Worldwide

Hidden Toll of Dying and Disabled Children; A Comprehensive Global Analysis Identifies Trend and Interventions

Every year an estimated 8 million children –about 6 percent of total births worldwide– are born with a serious birth defect of genetic or partially genetic origin.

Additionally, hundreds of thousands more are born with serious birth defects of post-conception origin due to maternal exposure to environmental agents, such as alcohol, rubella, and syphilis.

Media Reach: global audience of 1 billion