Government of Japan 
Selected media campaigns and press releases

H&& was responsible for the media and public relations at the 3rd World Water Forum, which took place  in Kyoto, Osaka and Shiga, Japan. The Forum was jointly organized by the Government of Japan and the World Water Council.

These are some examples of the press releases launched prior to the forum in Japan:


World’s Lakes Endangered

Over-use, Water Withdrawals and Pollution Puts One Billion People at Risk

More than half of the world’s lakes and reservoirs, which hold nearly 90 percent of all surface liquid fresh water, are facing massive ecological threats that are endangering the entire global environment, say a panel of experts for the 3rd World Water Forum. Some lakes are dying fast.

Media Reach: global audience of 300 million

Number of killer storms and droughts increasing worldwide

Economic losses from weather and flood catastrophes have increased ten-fold over the past 50 years, partially the result of rapid climate changes

Media Reach: global audience of 400 million