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Marshall Hoffman Founder, Hoffman & Hoffman

Marshall Hoffman

In 1985, I decided to create a public relations company with a narrow focus – helping countries, international and national organizations and companies who work to advance the world’s poor.

I started Hoffman & Hoffman after a successful twenty-year career in the media. I worked for 10 years as a financial journalist and economist for 
U.S. News & World Report. I co-authored three best-selling books: two on sports medicine and one on real estate. The Sportsmedicine Book became a New York Times Syndicate column and a daily CBS radio show. From my third book, Sports Health, The Complete Book of Sports Injuries, I wrote and produced a network radio show on sports medicine and a sports medicine column for Gannett News Service (100 newspapers) and The New York Times Syndicate. I also ran my own real estate investment firm and co-owned a television production company.

For the next stage of my life, I wanted to do what I could to help people engaged in life and death issues in the developing world. I saw that the scientists, doctors, engineers and other professionals who were trying to bring modern technology and medicine to the developing world were doing marvelous and important work. These people often lacked the skills to communicate the importance of their work to the media, to reach the governments, foundations, non-government agencies and corporations of the industrialized world who financed their efforts. This is where I saw that I could bring my communication skills and energy to bear. I had the right background in economics, development, medicine and the media — radio, TV, print and the Internet.

For 30 years, Hoffman & Hoffman has filled that niche, creating more than 500 global campaigns on poverty. Some stories, including 
The Census of Marine LifeThe World Cancer Report, 11 World Health ReportsWorld Prematurity Day campaigns, and the March of Dimes: Global Report on Birth Defects, each reached audiences of one billion or more. Our work starting in 2010 on maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) has been instrumental in raising $25 billion in new funds. Many of the MNCH media campaigns reached between 400 million and 1.5 billion, including:

Child Marriages: 39,000 Every Day (March 2013)

A New Global Focus on Preterm Births – World Prematurity Day (November 2012)

New Partnership Expands Access to Contraception (September 2012)

15 Million Babies Born Too Soon (May 2012)

Stillbirths: The Invisible Public Health Problem (April 2011)

H&H has also worked on the environment, with stories for CARMA – Carbon Monitoring for Action in 2007 and The Census for Marine Life in 2010, both reaching global audiences of nearly a billion.

Publicizing these issues has made a difference for our clients while improving conditions in poor countries. I am proud of that, and I am proud of the professionals at H&H who have joined me in my endeavor. I look forward to many more years of using communication to make a difference.